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Member Criteria

Our member criteria : 
1. A hijabi moslema
2. Influencers who always share good things, never share provocative content which can insult others such as physical issues, tribe differences, different believes/religion
3. Registered on our database 

1. Must has a personal blog (not business blog)
2. Consistently write content on her blog for minimum 5 months
3. Must place HIN logo on the page of her logo

Youtuber : 
1. Must has a personal youtube channel with minimum 500subscribers
2. Consistently provide video on her channel

Social Media influencer :
1. Must has a personal instagram account (not business account or others)
2. Consistently provide positive content on her IG account. 
3. Has minimum 2000 real instagram followers with minimum 100 posts. 


Hijab Influencers Network - Vision & Mission

HIN vision : 
To be the first Hijab Influencers community which gather and share positive influence to moslema all the over the world

HIN Mission : 
1. Gather all Hijab Influencers from Hijab Blogger, Hijab Youtubers and social media (instagram) to join our network
2. Share positive and useful informations about Islamic Lifestyle on our website and social media
3. Consistently create events ( both online and offline) for Hijab Influencers which share knowledge about Halal lifestyle, health, blogging, vlogging, and other beneficial things 

Visi HIN : 
Menjadi komunitas Hijab Influncers pertama yang menyatukan dan berbagi informasi positif kepada seluruh muslimah di dunia

Misi HIN : 
1. Menyatukan seluruh Hijab Influencers mulai dari Hijab Blogger, Hijab Youtubers dan instagram influencers untuk bergabung dan teregistrasi bersama kami
2. Berbagi konten positif dan bermanfaat mengenai cara hidup yang ISLAMI pada website dan seluruh social media HIN
3. Secara konsisten membuat event, baik online m…

Youth, Woman, Netizen

Based on the research, there are more woman than man on Facebook and Instagram


Young adults are still the most likely to use social media. 90% of online adults age 18-29 are active while 77% aged 30-49 are also active on social media

Woman has the biggest influence. One woman can affect her husband, children and friends to make a decision

An internet user who called Netizen, strongly can influence others to many factors in life, such as social, business, politics and lifestyle.
With the huge numbers of followers they have, they can provide an endorsement for a product, interact with the followers without boundaries.

We, Hijab Influencers Network, come to gather all Hijab Influncers to share all the positive things. To influence other about positivity.


What is Hijab Influencers Network ?

Hijab Influencers Network is a community which gathers all Hijab Influencers from 3 (three) different platform, which are Blogger, Youtuber, and social media influencers (instagram)

Our Motto :
We share good things